F r a n k F o r t e
Storyboard artist


BENTO BOX ENTERTAINMENT - Burbank, CA (Aug. 2011-Present)
Storyboard artist (Digital)

  • Bob’s Burgers
  • Allen Gregory

ILLUMINATION ENTERTAINMENT - Santa Monica, CA (June 2011-Sept. 2011)
Storyboard artist (Digital)

  • Despicable Me 2
  • The Loraxx

THRESHOLD ANIMATION STUDIOS - Santa Monica, CA (Feb. 2011-Mar. 2011)
Storyboard artist (Digital)

  • Hero Factory 2012

FILM ROMAN/MARVEL ANIMATION - N. Hollywood, CA (Feb. 2010-Dec. 2010)
Storyboard artist/Storyboard Revisionist (Digital)

  • The Super Hero Squad Show

THRESHOLD ANIMATION STUDIOS - Santa Monica, CA (July 2008-Dec. 2009)
Storyboard artist (Digital and traditional)

  • Hero Factory (TV movie)
  • Ultimate Heroes (Marvel: 4D Ride for Madame Tussaud’s - England)
  • Clutch Powers 4D (Ride for Legoland)
  • Lego Atlantis (TV special)
  • Bionicle:The Legend Reborn (direct to DVD feature movie)

SOUTH PARK STUDIOS - Los Angeles, CA (May 2008)
Animator : Digital rotoscoping and animation in Photoshop using Cintiq monitor

  • Major Boobage (Heavy Metal homage episode)

THE CANNERY - Burbank, CA (March-April 2007)
Animation Director / Storyboard Artist / Creation of Animatics in Flash / Animator

  • Pilot for Sony Online (created using Flash prod. Pipeline)

RENEGADE ANIMATION - Glendale, CA (Sep. 2004-2007)
Storyboard Artist Storyboard / Revisionist / Creation of Animatics in Flash / Animator

  • The Mr. Men Show (created storyboards/animatics using Flash)
  • Re-Animated TV Movie (created storyboards using Sketchbook pro)
  • Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi Show

KLASKY CSUPO (KA-CHEW) - Hollywood, CA (2004-2006)
Storyboard Artist / Animator / Character Designer / Creation of Animatics in Flash

  • Burger King Commercial, Bridezilla Commercial

TOONACIOUS - Burbank, CA (Aug.-Sep. 2004)
Animator / Character Designer / Creation of Animatics in Flash

  • Bewitched ( feature movie - animated intro )

COMEDY CENTRAL - Los Angeles, CA (Oct. 2003-Dec. 2003)
Background designer / Painter

  • Kid Notorious (TV series)

REVOLUTION STUDIOS - Santa Monica, CA (Oct. 2002-June 2003)
Storyboard artist / Animator / Background designer

  • Lil Pimp (feature movie)

Pure Imagination, Zodiak Entertainment, ToyBiz, Klasky Csupo, South Park, Raw Nerve Films, NFL Films, The Drew Carey Show, The George Lopez Show, Caya Filmworks, Rhine Entertainment

Photoshop CC, Storyboard Pro, Cintiq monitor, Wacom tablet, Flash CC, Sketchbook Pro, Painter, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Word

Central Connecticut State University, New Britain, CT BFA Graphic Design Spring 1992
School of Visual Arts, NYC Animation classes Summer 2001
Art Students League, NYC Drawing and painting classes Summer 2001
The Animation Academy, Burbank, CA Visual development classes Fall 2002
LACC, Los Angeles, CA Film classes Fall 2007
Studio Arts, Los Angeles, CA Maya, Zbrush, design classes Fall 2012

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